Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Morning ride.

You race by and honk your horn,
convinced I can not follow.
When I speed past your traffic jam,
your pride gets hard to swallow.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Well this is back to school…

Phew! Xmas holidays are over and LL and V are back to school, kind of. And daddy-o is back on his bike. The cycle computer was sleeping when I took of this morning, with sore legs and some nice morning rain to wake me up. I can feel it that I’ve been of the bike for a couple of weeks, not only do you loose the form very quickly but you also forget to think like a biker. You just need to read traffic in a different way than when you drive a car.
I’m not happy with my ride in, I burned an orange light at a pedestrian crossing and I heard the guy waiting to cross yell after me. And f*ck me he’s right, WTF was I thinking.
Mister voyager makes his turn a little too wide an almost crushes me, I go “Oi!” and he yells at me “this is a one way street you idiot!” and I yell back “Not for bicycles you blind f*ck!”. Road rage in the morning you just got to love it. NOT!
I need to obey traffic lights like everybody else and mister Voyager must learn to drive his car and learn that most one way streets are not one way streets for bicycles.
So yes, this is back to school…

Ps: My cycle computer is lying; no way that my average speed was only 24.7 or was it?