Thursday, April 23, 2009

Those little springtime pleasures...

I don't know whether I mentioned it before (no memory for old men) but the sunny weather of the past couple of weeks brings a new kind of pleasure to my daily commute which you will never experience if you were to commute by car.
A couple of kilometres of my commute take me through the forest and the beautiful weather of the last weeks has dried the trails to such a degree that I can ride a good bit of singletrack on my semi-slicks without the fear of arriving at work looking like the swamp thing.
This extra loop is my own guiltless playtime to start another working day at the office. I wonder how LL and V would feel if I were to take them to the playground every morning before dropping them of in school? I think they might actually like it.

The attentive reader might have noticed that I don't mention any singletrack riding after work. The reason for that is quite simple; the trails are too crowded. Mind you I don't have any problem with other people hanging out in the woods (except for Nordic Walkers) but the last couple of weeks an whole new group of people has taken over the trails; the so-called cruiser.

To each his own; I myself am not averse of sex whatsoever but it strikes me as quite uncomfortable to go and 'do your thang' in the woods behind a tree with another man. At least I assume that is what they're there for otherwise they 're all in for a cold shower 'cause I haven't seen a single woman hanging out on the trails, yet. Women, as P pointed out, are probably more practical; they go cruising in supermarkets, combining the fun with the useful.

Whatever your definition of trail fun is, keep it safe. Happy trails!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There are 2 kinds of cyclists...

Those who crashed and those who still have to crash.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Here comes the sun....

The electricity company fuckers decided to cut the electricity during the night, as a result the alarm-clock lost track of time. L and I woke up too late but no stress; a cup of coffee and a couple of pancakes later and LL an V are ready to get dropped of at school and yours truly is ready to hit them streets.

Winter has officially fled the country, my Finnish friend told me we had 9 degrees Celsius this morning and the sun was toasting my wheels. Nice one! No shoe covers, no mudguards no Gore-Tex, the future's so bright I got to wear shades.

Great invention those shades; they keep the morning sun out of your eyes, they really help if you need to evil-eye some blind motorist and best of all you can check out all the fit ladies who are celebrating the return of Spring, without being noticed.

Life is sweet.