Thursday, October 18, 2007

Words of wisdom...

Last night on my ride home I had this pretty annoying car driving in front of me at a blistering 20 Km/h, breaking for no reason, indicator to the left followed by a swift turn to the right,...
Anyway, yours truly was getting pretty wound up to say the least. What does an angry pt3r do? He starts muttering; come on you muppet, keep driving, some of have more important things to do an blablabla... I'm sure you get the picture.
All of a sudden I had this religious experience; a voice coming from my left shoulder said with a heavy Dutch accent; "Don't bother, he can't hear you."
No there was no shiny winged dude with a dress on sitting on my shoulder. Instead some older stringy guy on a battered touring bike materialized on my left and took over. He kept pedaling like the devil was on his tail, his bike creaking and squeaking under all the punishment.
Needless to say that I forgot all about the muppet in the car and had pleasant yet muddy ride home.

This morning I slow down at the pedestrian crossing to let some older man cross the street, but he smiles, gives me thumbs up and waves me through.

No better way to start the day.

The song I've been humming all morning: Drink the Elixir by Salad.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Me vs. Rain...

Yay! I made it in before the rain despite the multiple, yet futile, efforts of a black 4x4 and a police van who cut my lane repeatedly. I actually figured out that it's better to leave 10 minutes later in the morning so all the schools have already started by the time I enter Brussels.
That way I don't need to deal with all the queues at the school gate. Parents drop of the kids by car because the roads are to dangerous to let kids cycle to school; "There are too many cars on the road I'll drive you to school" Doh!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bitter old man...

Is it my really nature or is it all the exhaust fumes I've been breathing during my numerous commutes but most of the times my glass is half empty. V who is a real 'the glass is half full person' has still good hope for me though; she believes that underneath all the cynical grumpiness lies a cheerful optimistic pt3r hidden.
I really hope it's true, it would not dare to doubt her, especially after watching the news tonight. Sir Bob Geldolf who bitter me called a 'sad attention whore who is so desperately trying to get some Nobel Prize for whatever' has proven me so wrong that I can only but apologize. The speech he made for the Antwerp Diamond society hit home with me, it's clear that truth hurts and oh my did he hurt 'em or what? The way he questioned the conditions in which diamonds are 'made' clearly got a few of those diamond honchos uneasy, serves the greedy bastards right.

Sir I can only but salute you!

Ps: V and M, thank you again for the lovely weekend at Houffalize. The mountain biking was not what M or I had hoped for but the nature, the fine weather and last but not least the great company made up for that.