Thursday, January 31, 2008

No worries

The usual stuff this morning; busy traffic and slippery roads. I got almost doored by a car as I rode past. Nothing new really, business as usual.

A group of around 40 toddlers brought traffic to a halt as they had to cross the street. This sight will always put a smile on my face.

Mr Volkswagen Passat behind me did not see the fun nor the charm of this and almost knocked me down when traffic started moving again.
That's ok; he was probably distracted and he did not see me nor did he realize he was riding on the bicycle lane.
No worries it could happen to anyone.

200 meters further swerving from one lane to another without use of indicators, whilst racing a van, he almost knocks this lady on her bicycle of the road.
That's ok; he was probably in a hurry, had more important things to do than her,and did not notice the fluorescent high-visibility vest she was wearing.
No worries it could happen to anyone.

500 meters further and he has to break like a madman for the cars who are queuing at the red light. As I ride by I spit the greenest and stickiest loogie on his window.
That's ok; I probably got distracted by his excellent driving skills.
No worries it could happen to anyone.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We will not yield.

We will not yield.

Ever since Satan invented the combustion engine, we have been losing the war.
We have been run off the road by buses, construction trucks and debutants in SUVs.
Rednecks in big trucks have belted us with beer cans and called us hurtful names.
We have been bullied, barraged and besieged until all we have left is the broken shoulder that sparkles which shards of green glass, fast-food wrappers and condoms.
We've been labeled freaks and treated like second-class citizens.

Bikers unite.

It is time to rise up and reclaim our roads and trails.

We will mount our steeds, be they steel, aluminium or featherweight carbon, and ride into the battle of the carbon monoxide-spewing masses.

We will fight the big oil Goliaths with nothing but a twelve-tooth cog, a Teflon-lubricated chain, a pair of watermelon-sized quadriceps and grapefruit-sized calf muscle pistons.

We will break our enemy down, one revolution at a time.
We will ride to save ourselves, our species, our Mother Earth.
We will no longer pretend we are in a civilized disagreement.
We will no longer give ground.

Make no mistake.

This is war.

And we will not stop until the day that bikers rule.

Disclaimer: I am in no way related to the company that created this ad campaign, I just believe they sum it up pretty well.