Friday, August 31, 2007

The romance of child neglect

Last weekend L and I took of to Copenhagen and left LL and V at home. Four days being L and P not mum or dad, pure bliss. Funnily enough the trip from Copenhagen airport over to S and F's place took longer than the flight from Brussels to Copenhagen. We missed one train, two busses and lost another thirty minutes to find an ATM. Hence my call to Denmark; please get rid of the Kroner, embrace the Euro and most of all stop moving the bus stops.
But hey L and I had all the time in the world and had spent our time useful watching people while waiting for another bus. The bus ride itself was pretty uneventful apart from the two drunken homeless guys who got on the bus one stop after us. The rest of the ride we got engulfed in a cloud of alcohol vapors and cigarette smoke (the loudest one had started smoking) that was not strong enough the mask out their omnipresent stench.
The two were on there way to a lady friend's apartment, judging by the monologue of the smoking one. "... yeah don't think I'm drunk you know, but that one bar is really nice 'cause they treat us nice there... yeah...they don't throw us out all the time... they serve us drinks... even K likes it there, she doesn't throw with bottles when we're there... yeah... I have a key to her place, which I don't need 'cause most of the time she lets me in... " Another oratory talent gone to waste.
Copenhagen was perfect; sunshine, cool art galleries, designer shops, pretty women, loads and loads of bikes, great bike shops (I dare you to name me one bike shop in Belgium that sells Chrome bags and where they let you in after closing time) , cafes with excellent food and expensive beer, one day and the credit cards were smoking. L and I had a great time; we went over to J's place for lovely diner and plaid cards and drank beers with J and J2 until the early hours. The next day we celebrated F's birthday, danced and drank till we dropped and got hung-over. The sweet life.
My mind is set; if we ever become rich and famous or manage to get jobs that allow us doing so then we move to Copenhagen, the land of milk and honey(-flavoured beer).