Monday, August 02, 2010

Where have you been?

First post in a long long time. I realize might almost look like this was the blog of someone who gave up on biking when it ran out of fashion.
Truth is I have not given up on anything at all, I still ride my +250k a week, matter of fact I spend more time riding bikes than posting about it. More than a year ago it hit me that I had nothing interesting to tell about bikes.
I could start a series of posts aboutI got one day mowed down by a blind driver on my way in to work, got rushed to ER stitched up and sent back home and blablabla but that would do anybody any good... or would it?

Instead I decided to focus on the act of biking which is waaaay more fun than posting angry slogans against stupid petrolheads and homicidal soccer mums. Mind you they're still out there and one should still be careful when riding a bike in big city traffic. I have a nice big scar on my left knee to reminds me, every day I get on my bike and ride.
You could to. Have fun, scare yourself silly, ride till you drop, whatever... have a nice one!